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Hotel in Kaza

There are homes, and apartments, hotels, and cabins, taverns, inns, hostels, and then there’s Deyzor. We aim to bring together warmth, hospitality and comfort for every traveller. We realize that its Spiti which is what draws travellers to Deyzor and at our hotel you will see that we have carefully picked and added to our property bits and pieces from Spiti which gives the guest an feel of the region's culture and history. At Deyzor we believe that our place is more than just spending a night in bed.


At our hotel in Kaza the personal service and travel friendly atmosphere we offer would fit any type of traveller, but especially the adventurer since that’s where our true passion lies. Our hotel in Kaza is a non-smoking hotel and we guarantee you that you won’t have to deal with sagging beds or dubious wallpaper, but original designs and spotless bathrooms. Our modern den comes with a soothing and informal atmosphere and the breezy and contemporary style meets a calm, cultivated mood, with original photographs on the walls.

The hotel is located close to the Sakya monastery behind the petrol pump and the old part of the village is less than 1km walk away. If you are interested in exploring the entire Spiti valley our hotel in Kaza is ideally located for it and we can provide a car service for you and even a tour guide. If needed we can also help you rent motorcycles if. Our knowledgeable staff would assist you to understand the unique culture of Spiti and make your travel to this region a learning and enriching one

The restaurant serves as the melting pot for guests from different parts of the world. The menu has been selected by Karanbir reflecting his love for the region and travels around the world. Deyzor is also a home for the owners Karanbir and Skalzang and they ensure that this warm and spotlessly clean retreat awaits its guests

Hotel Deyzor is an ideal place for writers, artists and other creative people who are seeking a place conducive to their work. At Deyzor you will find the owners and staff to be friendly & helpful without being intrusive or overbearing.


Our's is the only hotel in Kaza and SPiti valey with Wifi, solar water heater and power back-up for electricity. We have now added a green house from where we use fresh vegetables for our kitchen and at our hotel is also a small shop where we sell local handicrafts and other organically produced products from Spiti. 

Much has changed throughout the years, but the heart of Deyzor remains the same. Known for making the guests feel 'at home', at Deyzor we have tried to bring in a bit of Spiti, our travels around India and the world and our philosophy at large within its walls.

Karanbir Singh Bedi


Karan is a passionate traveller and a three time national record holder in adventure sports. One fine morning, during his days as journalist spent behind the wheels of Bentley’s and Beemers, he woke up to the beautiful sound of rain, hungover (from the night spent drinking with strangers he’d met while travelling with only rum in his boot). He felt dwarfed by his profession, and decided it was time to quit his job and follow his heart- to travel and experience life to the fullest till his last breath.


Hotel Deyzor's inception is the thrill that comes with adventure travelling and the high from exploring places unknown and far less travelled (like the time when he dropped everything and embarked for South America, hitchhiking across 6 countries or more recently cycling 5000kms in Africa. In the last few years Karan has spent his winters cycling in Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sumatra, Cuba and the Philippians.


In other words, Spiti is a venue to seek thrill, a way to quench one’s thirst for adventure and to travel with only a hat on your mind. And with Karan by your side, the experience and the chance to discover something new becomes inevitable.

Skalzang Dorje


Meeting Skalzang you would never guess that he is an Olympian. Having travelled to over a dozen countries representing India in Archery, Skalzang’s humility is typical of people from Spiti. His deep belief in Buddhism’s philosophy of past life seeds and impression is what he credits for him to become one of the best archers to have come out from India. For the people of Spiti and Pin valley archery is amongst the most popular of all traditional sports and Skalzang picked up archery at an early age. His talent was took him to New Delhi first and then to the Asian games in Bangkok as he reached the pinnacle of his sport when he represented India in the 1996 Atlants Olympics.


Today Skalzang lives in Kaza working in projects to encourage children of this valley to take up sport and better his achievement. An avid trekker with a mind as sharp as his arrow, Skalzang’s love for Spiti and the outdoor is his reason for starting Himalayan Shepherd with Karanbir.

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