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Information on DEYZOR

There are homes, and apartments, hotels, and cabins, taverns, inns, hostels, and then there’s Deyzor. We aim to bring together warmth, hospitality and comfort for every traveller. We realize that its Spiti which is what draws travellers to Deyzor and at our hotel you will see that we have carefully picked and added to our property bits and pieces from Spiti which gives the guest an feel of the region's culture and history. At Deyzor we believe that our place is more than just spending a night in bed.

          Information for Guests visiting DEYZOR

  • We have 6 extremely well behaved dogs that live with us. We hope you love dogs as much as we do.

  • Private barbeque can be arranged and needs to be pre ordered.

  • Hotel Deyzor is a no smoking hotel. Please respect that.

  • If you are staying for more than one day and want your room or bathroom to be cleaned, let us know at the reception.

  • There is a garden café in our property and when the sun’s out you can order your meals there.

  • Carry walking or hiking shoes and also a cap.

  • The market and bus stand is 10min walk from the hotel. It’s nothing special but since Kaza isn’t as touristic as Manali, walking around the market will give you a sense of local life.

  • Morning and evenings can get cold depending on the time of the year you come. Layer yourself well, carry gloves, keep yourself always hydrated, eat well and we assure you that you'll be fine.

  • The nearest town from Deyzor is 220kms away (Manali). While it's a rewarding place to stay, it is challenging to work here. It will help us if you pre order your meals.

  • It's not exaggerating so say that water in this high altitude desert is scarce. We understand that after a long drive or ride you need to clean your clothes. There is laundry available at the hotel so please ask us for that instead of using water in the bathroom.

  • Each room will be serviced by housekeeping every day. Beds are made, bins emptied, towels changed if asked and general cleaning is done.

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