"We stayed at Hotel Deyzor with our 2 dogs who were traveling with us on our Spiti Valley expedition. We stayed at the Lower Ground Floor room with access to the garden / open space behind the property. The room was very brilliantly done up. Very comfortable. They provide Hot Water Kettle. At night, they will also give you hot water bags to keep you warm.

Hotel Deyzor is special. Very very special for more than a few reasons. At that altitude (about 3800 metres), they manage to provide you with food ranging from Continental to Indian and all of it done just so well. Every single food item is just super delicious. A special mention for their desserts. It astonishes me that they can provide that range of cuisine and food items at that place. 

One of the reasons why Hotel Deyzor is special because they also take care of 5-6 dogs which stay at Hotel Deyzor. Karan and the entire team at Deyzor is so very kind and just so warm people. They will answer all your queries with patience. 

Unlike routine hotels, this place encourages you to think by the way they have done up their rooms and the restaurant, with so many quotes. They also have a great library and you can just sit in their restaurant and read one of the books from their library."



"On a chart of how creative hotels are, Deyzor is the perfect mixture of a beautiful backpacking hostel and touching the luxury segment (not with their price) with their gourmet cuisine and ever ready helpful staff. We stayed in the deluxe rooms and the design, comforter and space in the rooms were worth more than what we paid. The restaurant is Deyzor serves the best food in Kaza, ranging from local dishes, teas to high class Italian food and tandoori tikkas. Karanbir, the owner has done a brilliant job of creating and maintaining a gorgeous getaway in one of the most remote valleys of the world."



"A great place decorated beautifully. The rooms are quite spacious and comfortable. The food was delicious specially the mutton curry, the chicken sandwiches, the apple cinnamon drink and the walnut cake. The owners are really friendly and have many pets which are quite friendly. The common room is full of art, collectibles and books to suit each ones needs. There is an adjacent store where one can buy locally made shawls, jams etc which are quite nice."



"Deyzor (cum “Mr. Bedi’s place” :) absolutely in love with it; every small detail of the place symbolizes love, hard work and dedication. Thoughtful and beautifully placed items, information and quotes. No use of plastic and involvement of locals’ indeed deserve applause. Needless to mention, Deyzor made a special place in my heart- a place becomes favourite because of its people! Karan, Amar and team is doing much more than usual hospitality sector in India despite being located in a high altitude area where everyday resources are challenge itself. Deyzor truly sets a bench mark! Thank you for doing what you do. You are making a difference.
No matter, how much I appreciate the place, how much I try to express through words; it won’t be “enough.” So, be in Deyzor and experience it yourself; it is truly an epitome of warmth, positivity, love and care."



"The bright, well-kept rooms have comfy beds and a cosy charm with ethnic fabrics and Spiti-theme photos. The owners are real Spiti enthusiasts, full of info, and can help arrange hikes, wildlife-spotting or fossil-hunting trips and more. And the restaurant is our favourite in Kaza. Not surprisingly the dozen rooms can fill up so it's advisable to book.

Wi-fi is available in the restaurant. Also here is a small shop specialising in local Spiti crafts, including yak-wool shawls and rugs and yak-hair ropes."



"Was the best stay during our entire trip. A beautifully decorated place. One can see the love in every nook and corner. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The staff was also great and so are the owners. The food was also quite tasty specially their chicken sandwiches and the mutton curry. They have many pet dogs but these are really cute and friendly. Even if you are not planning to stay, please do pay a visit to Deyzor it'll be worth it."



"You will not find this type of hotel in kaza, great staff hotel has very good vibes, hotel is very creativly designed, after long journey we relaxed at this hotel."



"It's late for me to write this review for the hotel but better late than never :). During our road trip to Spiti valley, we stayed in Kaza for 2 nights. Luckily, we decided to stay in Deyzor. I cannot explain how much at home we felt while staying here. The rooms were neat, cosy, beautifully decorated with lot of handicrafts.


The hotel owner Karan and Kim along with their friendly staff, specially Amar/Anu amazed us with their hospitality. Loved the dinner we had on one evening while staying there. The apple pie prepared by Kim was so delicious that the thought of it still gets water in my mouth. The late hour chit-chats with all of them in the hotel is very memorable and we have fond memories of seeing the Milky Way/star constellation shown by Karan right outside his hotel.


We could also see the shooting star with our naked eyes. My son still remember your dogs..the twins and Simbha!! Karan, we sometimes feel jealous of you as you could take this bold step (not everyone can take) to leave the materialistic & artificial city life and stay at this place which is a traveler's muse. I would strongly recommend everyone to stay at this place and experience the beauty of both the place and the mind!"



"Already from the outside this place feels special. Then you walk in and what a surprise to find a gem like this in the beautiful, remote Spiti Valley.
Everything about this place is special - the food is amazing, the atmosphere is great, nice background music, the buzz of happy people enjoying and laughing, the beautiful dogs that greet you....
The reception / lounge is decorated with personal touches, books, and collectables that tell the story / life experience of the owner. Each room as well, is different and with personal touches. The owner is a kind and interesting person, this hotel is the realization of his vision and passion and it makes the difference. 
Spent a few days, but would happily spend more time just feeling lucky to be there and absorbing the special atmosphere"



"No words to describe the hotel. The hard work by Karan & his partner (sorry forgot to ask the name), shows in the smallest detail. Deyzor is a luxury, 5 star place in the middle of nowhere. The rooms are very well lit, the decor of the hotel shows their compassion, love & hard work in ensuring the guests have a pleasant stay. They are very responsible citizens, they ensured to recycle most of the waste we city people leave behind during our so called vacations in the mountains. Alcohol bottles are crafted into show pieces, brush holders, tissues holders. Creativity at its best!
Meal menu is exhaustive and equally tasty. If you happen to go to Kaza, just ensure to book Deyzor in advance. I was lucky enough to get the rooms though had to tweak my itinerary but it was worth it."



"Must say , that Karan is indeed doing a great job at running the place so well. 
Coming from Dalhousie , being ourselves Hotlier ,its understandable how difficult it is to run a place up at 14000 feet. But looks like , Karan is so not willing to understand the same and has left no stone unturned to make this place so beautiful and so charming. You are welcomed by Dearest Simba( most good looking saint bernard ever) into the charming little place which has been done up with all the heart , mind and soul. The welcoming staff greets with enthusiasm and love, and Food , so delicious that you will talk about it uptill next few months.

Thank you Deyzor for giving us a place to talk about all our lives."



"Wonderful, relaxing place to stay

· Atmosphere in the hotel is cosy and very welcoming. Staff is outstanding friendly. All the hotel and the rooms and decorated very nice. Bedsheets were clean and fresh which - to our experience - is rare in this area (including Manali). Aboute lovely place to stay at. Good value for money."



"Lovely rooms, excellent decor, experienced staff, awesome food and fantastic hosts. Quite an experience to be here. must visit place."



“We had an amazing stay! The facilities and the room cleanliness and comfort exceeded our expectations! Highly recommend. “Everything upto expectations . Mr. Karanbir (Owner) requires special mention for assistance with a smile.” Thank you Mr.Karanbir."



"My family and I went on a two-week vacation to Spiti Valley. We stayed in so many gorgeous places, But the Deyzor Hotel in Kaza was completely unique. It is undoubtedly one of the most homely places I’ve ever had the pleasure to stay in. Decorated with amazing pictures and quotes, it has an uncanny way of making you feel immediately comfortable.


Karan’s unmasked passion for the Spiti Valley and his incredible stories provide for an unforgettable experience. On top of that, the fresh food and the staff’s friendliness and was incredible! The stay at Deyzor Hotel definitely made my trip, I think it’s a must- do for this area."



Where do I even begin? Deyzor is a travellers hub in Kaza. You meet the very best people who travel the Himalayas here. The host, Karan, is very warm and welcoming and has put his heart and soul into the place and it's evident to see. Each little item at this hotel is placed with a purpose and tells a story. Stories are also Karan's own favorite passtime. Endless stories from his world travels. The rooms far outdo ones expectations in a remote place like Kaza. Very neat and tidy. Very well done. Best of all however is the food !! Oh my God the food!! You will not find such a variety of food elsewhere ANYWHERE in the upper Himalayas outside of perhaps Leh. This is a must visit. You won't regret it. The people you meet - both outsiders and especially the locals of Spiti valley will leave you yearning for more.



"Deyzor is an Experience. Just don't miss it. 
After having travelled to so many parts of the World, can't believe that Deyzor will be one of my favourites always. 
The decor is top notch. Almost everything handmade. We spent few hours enjoying and taking photos of the tastefully done interiors and quirky signs. 
Food is the Highlight here. We simply chose what Karan suggested, and it's something so outstanding that you must try yourselves.  
Simply one of the Best I have had the pleasure to visit. Next time it will be for a week and with my family. Amen. 
In awe of Karan and his labour of Love, Deyzor.
PS....The homemade Vanilla ice cream puts even Haagen Daaz to shame. What memories."



"Deyzor is a traveller's paradise. Upon reaching you will be warmly greeted by Karan, and Hachi and it will instantly light up your spirits. If you have opted to stay in Deyzor then that is the best choice that you have made for sure! The location is fantastic given the fact Kaza is pretty touristy and this place isn't crowded at all. It is pretty close to the highway. The hotel stands in a corner and truly stands stands out for it's colour and decor. The decor of Deyzor is of bohemian style and very catchy! Every nook and corner has a personal touch from Karan. It will pique your interest from the very moment you enter the place. The rooms are very well designed and smell fresh! They have a mini library mostly catering to travellers. They also have a restaurant which serves one of the best continental food in the Spiti valley. Must try would be the Chicken Lasagna, Chicken Pasta in white sauce We also had the mutton roast(mutton gravy) which was delicately prepared and tasted great! 
Now coming to Karan, he is not just a hotelier, he is way more than that and Deyzor is his passion. One can see him working since morning to night and he is so so well informed about the Spiti valley, ask him anything and he has an answer to it. His attention to details will really surprise you and is extremely well mannered. He also promotes Spiti art and craft which in turn helps the locals in a small way and I think it's really great! Plan to spend atleast couple of days over here or else you will regret it later on. Some spend months here, writing, painting, working.. "



"You must really be here #HotelDeyzor to understand how we felt... Not everything can be described in words and must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.... Hotel Deyzor surpasses all the expectations and is absolutely amazing... This place nourishes the part of our souls in a way we can't expect.... The small library (great collection of books) , artefacts, food everything is fantastic, and yes rooms as well.... The way rooms have been named, the antique locks these doors bear... A place so beautiful that you will feel like going there Everytime you get a chance... Everything on the menu is so delicious.... Was here in June hope to visit again soon.... Just try and plan a stay here...!"



"An amazing place to stay or have lunch /breakfast /dinner in Kaza. The hospitality is top notch, food taste and quality is excellent, staff is very polite and friendly along with very comfortable rooms which have great view... A must go to place when in Kaza!"

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Near BSNL Office, V.P.O. – New Kaza, Tehsil Spiti, Lahaul & Spiti District 172114, Himachal Pradesh, India

Mobile: +91 94-18-402660 (Karan)

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We are proud to announce that Hotel Deyzor is TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Award winner for 2017. We feel honored with this recognition and being in the top 1% of hotels.

We are proud to announce that Hotel Deyzor is TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Award winner for 2019. We feel honored with this recognition and being in the top 1% of hotels.