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Sustainability is a very loosely used word these days. More times than not its used as an advertising gimmick. At Deyzor we take sustainability a bit more seriously. Karan and Skalzang from the beginning had decided to invest in harnessing the renewable elements of nature to provide an experience to their guests.


Deyzor is the only hotel in the whole of Spiti valley and probably amongst the handful in all of Himachal which runs entirely on solar power when regular government supply is disrupted. If you've been to Spiti you would know 5 hours of regular electricity for a week is a luxury. Over the years we have been working towards our responsibility towards the environment and make Deyzor the first of its kind delivering on our belief towards sustainability.


Our hotel now has installed 2KW solar panels, 250ltr of solar water heater, solar cooker and a green house. We recognise our commitment towards maintaining a greener and healthier environment and our vision for a green world. Our programme  encompasses local participation, creating awareness among employees and guests.


Even with a packed hotel provided there is adequate sun light for 6 hours we can give two half buckets each to every room. The 2KW solar panels allow us to provide 2 LED bulbs, 1 for the room and 1 for the bathroom in every room. Besides this our refrigerator, WIFI, and lights for the restaurant and the 2 corridors are also supplied by it.


We use the solar cooker to make rice, pulses and boil veggies. The solar cooker was made using mud and straw from Spiti, a polycarbonate sheet and a metal sheet also bought locally. The green house was added in 2015 and while there is still lots for us to learn, we are growing tomato, mint, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, bronchiole, cauliflower, radish amongst other veggies.  


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