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Thiley's Home Stay

Thiley is a world of knowledge and his ancestral house in like a museum. You will see stone cooking pots here from Baltishan (in present day Pakistan), old Thankas passed on in the family, frescos in the monastery and experience hospitality which will make you feel overwhelmed.

Thiley is a farmer and also works with a Mysore based NGOin Snow leopard conservation. He can tell you everything you need to know about the floura and fauna of the area.Time spent with Thiley and his family will show you why Spiti was referred by Rudyard Kipling as a 'world within a world'.Whilst staying with Thiley you will be given a guided tour of the village and the opportunity to join him as he heads out into the fields.


Other optional activities include:-

  • Learning Learning how to make Chang or Arak, the local liquormade from barley grains..

  • Cooking lessons where you will learn how to make Spitian dishes such as Timo or Thukpa.

  • Walking to the snow leopard highway of Spiti..

  • Learning how to make ropes from Yak hair.

Thiley is not only passionate about sharing his own culture but also learning from his guests. If youhave a particular talent or skill that you are willing to share program costs will be reduced accordingly.

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