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Information on SPITI

If misunderstandings are born of a lack of complete information, we have found that greater knowledge about what is happening around the world, not isolationism, is essential for the Spitians to make informed choices about their own future. Likewise, visitors can learn a great deal from traditional Spiti and from the changes occurring in the name of development. Paradoxically, fuller information along with closer communication between travellers and Spitians can contribute to cultural self-respect. If you observe the following guidelines, you will be helping directly and indirectly – to maintain the respect that Spitians have for their culture and way of life, and to minimize the negative effects of tourism on the local environment.

  • There is only 1 ATM in Kaza and is not reliable. We suggest that you carry cash with you from Kinnaur or Manali. Spiti is extremely safe and you wouldn't feel unsafe carrying money with you. The nearest ATM from Kaza is 47kms away at Tabo. There is also no option to pay by card in Spiti valley.

  • Indian nationals do not need permits to come to Spiti valley but if you are driving from Delhi and plan to come via Kinnaur then keep at least 2 stops in between.

  • If you come across children asking for food, money or pencils and books, please do not encourage them by handing out gifts. We understand that while your intentions are only to help, people in Kaza and Spiti aren’t poor and will only be encouraged to beg/ask travellers money etc

  • Kaza is at an altitude of 3650m and it takes time for your lungs to get used to the thin air. Your body loses 4 times the water here compared to sea level. To minimize the risks of altitude sickness, keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and rest on the day of arrival

  • Always ask before entering Spitian houses, gardens, etc. and before taking pictures. When walking through a monastery or when passing stupas and mane walls, always go around them clockwise, keeping them to your right.

  • Say ‘NO’ to plastic: Plastic is a huge problem, and there is no good solution to it: either it is dumped or burned, both of which are polluting and damaging. Avoid plastic packaged food or other products

  • Manali - Kaza road opens after the 5th of June. The Shimla - Kaza road is open throughout the year. If there is no electricity then we would not be able to provide you with heaters.

  • Non Indian travellers need inner line permits if the are coming from Kinnaur which can be arranged from Shimla and Rekong Peo.

  • Petrol pump is Kaza is really badly managed. Fill your vehicle tanks up at either Manali or Powari.

  • Local HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) buses ply everywhere in Spiti. Connectivity is fairly good to Spiti from Shimla, Reckong Peo and Rampur although the times may be erratic. Hitch-hiking is easily possible on this route, with helpful locals around.

  • Lastly, Spiti is a remote destination with poor infrastructure. Things that you take for granted in a city are not available here. However we guarantee you that you will fall in love with Spiti- just as we have- as long as you come with an open mind

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