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Child sponsorship for Education:-


We are raising money for the Kachen Dugyal Memorial Girls Hostel in Kaza and have set up a Child Sponsorship scheme to pay for the education of lesser privileged girls whose families do not own land and consequently find it hard to make a living. These children would otherwise not have the chance to attend school and thereby be limited in future to earn their living as labourers.


For Rs 8000 a year you can sponsor the education, boarding and lodging of a girl student in this hostel. Your funds will allow the hostel management to adopt another under privileged girl and provide these facilities to her. 

Since 2017 we have been working with Soni and Karma from Pin valley to help them realize their dream  of an old age home in their village Sagnam. In certain circumstances aged family members often find themselves socially isolated and neglected owing to family disputes or insufficient time of family members.

Soni and Karma have taken it upon themselves to ensure that these elders are well taken care of. In summers they spend time together in the old age home being constructed in Sagnam. In the winters they are taken to Rewalsar which is warmer than Spiti and thus more comfortable for them. In Rewalsar they spend time in the monastery and taking koras of the lake.


We also provide volunteer opportunities with the girls hostel, the old age home and daily running of the hotel. As of 2018 there will be opportunities to assist us with the organic and handmade product store for product store which we will be opening in Kaza in April.  


More recently we have also been working with a boy suffering with epilepsy and with another family whose son suffers from leukemia. In 2022 we assisted nuns from the valley with operations.

Any help (not just financial) is appreciated.


We are consciously trying to reduce products packaged in plastic for the hotel and have also started campaigns to clean up our village.

With help from locals, hotel guests and friends we were able to conduct three clean up drives in Kaza collecting plastic bottles and litter. The generous donations of our guests given  at a fundraising music performance / barbeque held  in the garden cafe enabled us to send the collected plastic bottles to a recycling plant in Chandigarh.

Similar programmes will be conducted in 2019 and years to follow for which we are also looking for volunteers.

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