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Life in Spiti provides everything the soul needs to thrive. From the fragrance of the mountains, to the flow of the clear springs,  the rhythmic chants of the monks, the whirl of the wind across the river valley,  the golden rays of the morning sun and the gentle warmth of the crimson orb at the end of the day.

We offer personalised tour packages for our guests wanting to get the most out of their journey in Spiti. Planned according to your interests itineraries may include; a Jeep safari, treks, day hikes to beautiful lakes or prehistoric rock carving & painting sites, monastery visits, home stays, fossil exploration, mountain biking, motorcycle tours and more.​ The best way of knowing Spiti is to spend time with Spitians. 

Drop us an email or call if you want us to make your tour to the valley something extra special.


1 -Walk Like A Spitian

Spiti offers fabulous monasteries, breathtaking

high-altitude walks, stunning views of the world’s highest mountains and one of the most likeable cultures you will ever encounter. But what makes Spitians so special and different? Why is it worth the effort to travel to what may seem as a harsh place? To know that you need to live like a Spitian, or become a become one for a week

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2 - Boutique Tour

Created for those looking for something a little bit special. Accommodation is provided in the best of the best unique and charming establishments. At Deyzor we believe it is often the people you meet during your travels that make it memorable. During this tour we have you stay with some very passionate people along the way who are sure to make this a journey you will remember

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3 - Spiti The Long Way Around

What's the rush? Slow it down, take your time. Let the magic of these mountains unfold slowly before you. This tour is designed to allow you to experience the diversity of the landscape, culture, food and accommodation options along the way.

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4 - Spiti - Land of Red Robes - Dharma, Duty and Devotion

Become enlightened. Experience for yourself the ways in which Buddhism has moulded,guided

Shaman, Sages. Explore the lived expeirence of Buddhism in the valley in all its forms

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Copy of Spiti - Were monks live (1).jpg

5 - Active Spiti

In Spiti towering white peaks touch the sky, monks

peacefully meditate in ancient mountainside monasteries and lumbering yaks haul goods to quaint villages largely disconnected from the outside world. With its grandeur and immensity, the way to explore the area is on foot. This itinerary is designed for you to get to know the valley and some of its secrets

more closely. On foot and by mountain bike.

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6 - Spiti Straight Up

Short on time? This whirlwind tour is designed to show you the heart of Spiti and all that makes it special in a jam packed itinerary. This quick introduction to Spitian culture and life in the valley is sure to have you planning your return before you even leave

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Copy of Spiti - Straight Up (7).jpg

7 - Spitian Delights

Spiti offers fabulous monasteries, breathtaking

high-altitude walks, awe inspiring views of the world’s highest mountains, endemic wildlife and some of the most likeable people you will ever meet.

To experience all of this you need time. This itinerary includes the highlights of the valley. You'll get to enjoy Spitian hospitality while staying in homestays, treks to high altitude lake, visit nunneries and monasteries and stay at the finest hotels on the way.

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8 - Spiti through Kinnaur

Those planning to visit Spiti between May and early June, will have to travel to the valley through Kinnaur and head back the same route. Early in the season they get to experience the onset of Autumn with apple and apricot blossoms in bloom with upper reaches of the mountains still covered in snow.

In May you'll get to experience 3 seasons as you travel up the valley. Up untill Tabo you will experience spring. As you reach Kaza you'll notice plant life is just waking up while around Losar water is still frozen.

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