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Lobzang's Home Stay

Time spent with Lobzang and her family in Mane Village will afford an opportunity to see that when people are left to live as they have for thousands of years, then the outside world has more to learn from them than the opposite. 


Take time out and experience the simplicity and contentment that people here live with and you will see that there is more than one path into the future. The alternative, a path based on the co-evolution between humans and nature.

Whilst staying with Lobzang you will be given a guided tour of the village and the opportunity to join her as she heads out into the fields.

Other optional activities include:-

  • Learning how to make Chang or Arak, the local liquor made from barley grains.

  • Cooking lessons where you will learn how to make Spitian dishes such as Timo or Thukpa.

  • Learning how to make a Galicha, traditional rug made of local woolused for sitting and sleeping on.

  • Enjoy the 1.5 Mile Hike up to Mane lake nested up in the hills behind the village

Lobzang is not only passionate about sharing her own culture but also learning from her guests. If you have a particular talent or skill that you are willing to share, program costs will be reduced accordingly.

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