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Star Gazing

₹ 499

2 Hours



A remarkable stroll along the Spiti Riverside, the darkest location in Kaza, where we marvel at the wonders of the universe using our DIY telescope.


Prepare to be mesmerized under the cosmic canopy! Join us for a magical night of stargazing that will transport you to a world beyond imagination. Our night event offers a rare opportunity to escape from the regular and immerse in the serene darkness of the night sky. Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast willing to look through a DIY telescope designed by a friend, or a casual photographer seeking ‘that’ picture under the Milky Way, or just in the awe of witnessing distant galaxies, shimmering constellations, and the elusive dance of shooting stars, this is your chance.


Oh yes! We take some tea and cookies alongside so that the experience below elevates, even if slightly. Bring your family, friends, or that special someone, and let the stars weave their enchantment around you. Don't miss this chance to be awestruck by the beauty of the universe.


See you under the stars!



PRICE: INR 500 (per person)

  • Guided Trip

  • Tea & Snacks

  • Seating Arrangement

  • Long Exposure Photo under the Milky Way

  • Stories under the stars!

  • Vehicle fees (if needed)

Note:- The DIY telescope may take time to adjust. This is a trip organized by amateur astronomy enthusiasts who share their experiences under the stars. Be patient.

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