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Ice Climbing Week

₹ 45,999



Ice-Climbing Week

Designed to teach you how to climb a frozen waterfall or a steep ice field like a pro.

Although it is a portion of traditional climbing skills, Ice Climbing is widely pursued by climbing enthusiasts as an

individual sport too. It is now a vital part of any alpine climber's skillsets and is also an incredibly rewarding pursuit.

Whether you are a budding ice climber or an alpine climber wanting to hone your skills for big climbs, this course will

help you build the confidence to move on steep ice. The training focuses on Water Ice Climbing, where we use crampons and ice tools to climb frozen waterfalls.

Instructions Include Gear Selection Strategies, Basic Ropework & knots, Crampon & Ice Tool Usage, Basic Movement techniques on Ice, Belaying & Rappelling on Ice, Placing Ice Screws and Building Anchors, Safety & Self Rescue. Set in and around Kaza (Spiti), this 7-day program will take you through a beautiful landscape and teach you all the necessary

Ice Climbing techniques. Our highly trained and experienced instructors conduct this course under their own hands

and supervision.

Note: In case of any casualty, emergency rescue procedures will be initiated, which may involve costs beyond the course fee. However, our priority is to ensure your safety at all times while learning this exciting sport. Our instructors will provide you with comprehensive safety training, including identifying potential hazards, communicating with your climbing partner, and performing self-rescue techniques. By the end of the course, you will have all the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and confidently climb frozen waterfalls.

Download for detailed Information.

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