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Day Hiking

₹ 1,499

1 Day


Day Hikes

Exclusive guided day hikes and tours are designed to unravel the hidden paths in and around Kaza. A personal invitation to explore the untouched corners of this enchanting region with its awe-inspiring beauty and untamed landscapes.


Embark on a journey with us as we share the adventures of a lifetime that living in Spiti has afforded us. Over the years, we've traversed uncharted trails, unveiling hidden gems that remain undiscovered by many. Now, we invite you to join us on these enchanting paths, winding through rugged terrain, alongside the melodic babble of streams, and ascending to breathtaking panoramic viewpoints. It's time to immerse yourself in the revitalizing embrace of nature.

Gather your kindred spirits and set forth on a day of exploration, forging a deep connection with the natural world. Our carefully curated moderate day hikes provide the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit, invigorate your body, and craft enduring memories in the heart of Mother Nature. Let the allure of unexplored landscapes and the thrill of discovery be your companions as you venture into the untouched beauty that Spiti has to offer. Get ready to create a tapestry of experiences that will linger in your heart long after the journey concludes.

Lace up your hiking boots.


PRICE: INR 1499 (Solo); INR 2499 (A team of 2); INR 3999(A Family of 4)

  • Guided Trip

  • Beverages & Lunch

  • Seating Arrangement

  • First Aid Support

  • Personal Expenses

  • Costs incurred due to Unforeseeable circumstances

  • Water Bottles

Note:- Due to high intensity of the sun in the region, it is advised to carry your sunscreen, hats/caps and other essential items. People with heart issues and other physical ailments are advisedto skip this package

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